Quite simply, we bring style and functionality to the servery. We build beautiful counters, innovative food guards, products that display food at its best and, of course, custom-fabricated stainless food service equipment.


Brass Smith started in 1979 by making brass beds. However, within a year Brass Smith was making custom brass railings and bar fittings for restaurants and bars. This shift in business set Brass Smith on a trajectory of growth and innovation.

The next step was the introduction of food guards. Huge, shiny brass food guards were the rage and Brass Smith was the go-to company for high-quality guards.

When Brass Smith introduced ZGuard (the first patented, component-based, adjustable food guard) it became the industry standard. The modern clean look made the food the focus, not the food guard. Following this success Brass Smith introduced a revolutionary new design for a patented overhead food warmer, and a unique merchandising system called ZSpace.

1. Kevry's first home. Manufacturing was in the tin building and the offices were in the little house in the upper right. | 1972

2. BSI, LLC gets a new name and logo and moves into its new 150,000-square-foot building. | 2010

3. With vision, technology and passion as its cornerstone, BSI continues to find solutions that are entrenched in quality, style and innovation.

Meanwhile, across town, in the early 1990s a small stainless company was purchased by a tech-smart entrepreneur and renamed Kevry. The company embraced new technology and was breaking ground in bringing technology to an industry that hadn't changed much in the past 70 years. The industry responded with accolades.

For nearly a decade, Kevry and Brass Smith were competitors within a growing food service industry. Ultimately, in the spring of 2009, these two industry iconoclasts came together under one roof to form BSI, LLC.

With "Nose to Toes" solutions, only BSI can offer such an integrated approach. From the most innovative food guards, counters, cold pans, heated merchandisers, floor troughs, and custom stainless, we can build to your imagination. Since it's all built under one roof, you can rest assured it will be built correctly and all the pieces will fit perfectly.

With vision, technology and passion as its cornerstone, BSI, LLC continues to break barriers and find solutions that are entrenched in quality, style and innovation.