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XGuard Adjustable Food Shield Patent Issued to BSI

BSI, LLC, a leader in food service equipment and fabrication, was issued a patent for the XGuard Adjustable food guard for its innovative ability to let operators move the glass back and forth as well as up and down while still changing the glass angle. The application for this patent (Patent No. US 8,403,430 B2) was filed on February 7, 2011, and can be viewed on the US Patent Office web site HERE.

According to Food Shield Product Manager, Andrew Padden, "Until now food shield adjustability was basically limited to changing the height or the angle of a glass panel. Even with that adjustability, local health codes and third-party regulatory guidelines limited a customer's reach to food. It has been an ongoing problem for customers and operators for years."

Trying to find a solution for these ongoing reach issues, BSI pushed the boundaries with the addition of a new feature to food shields: XGuard allows food guards to move back and forth up to eight inches. This additional adjustment lets food shield posts sit farther back on counters, creating uninterrupted serving lines.

Even with this new adjustability, XGuard maintains a clean, streamlined look. The refined styling is equally at home in traditional environments or in modern facilities. It can be powder coated in unlimited colors and finishes.

Scott Atkins, R&D Manager said, "We are pleased the US Patent Office has confirmed the uniqueness of XGuard's design."

"BSI is continuously looking for solutions to customer problems and the XGuard is our latest offering to achieve that goal."

Scott Atkins
BSI R&D Manager