Quite simply, we bring style and functionality to the servery. We build beautiful counters, innovative food guards, products that display food at its best and, of course, custom-fabricated stainless food service equipment.


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While we have invested in some of the best welding equipment available, we have invested more in our welders. Our average welder has more than 20 years' experience and they are regarded for their obstinate pursuit of precision. Legend has it, on a dare, a welder ripped a soda can in half and welded it back together with such precision you could still read the ingredients. True? We don't know, but we aren't arguing with a guy who rips cans in half just for fun.


There are lots of stainless fabricators, there are a few food guard manufacturers, there are tons of millwork shops, there are several companies who build custom refrigeration, and there are a handful of companies who can offer two of the services.

However, BSI is the only company that offers you a true guard-to-ground offering. Floor troughs, counters, millwork counters, stone fabrication, sinks, chef's tables, food guards, cladding, refrigeration, and even signage: It's all under one roof. You never have the hassles of trying to coordinate with multiple companies, hoping like heck all the pieces get done on time and they all fit.

With a 150,000 square-foot facility we have the tools and talent to make your vision a reality. Come on in and take a look around.