Contoura® is the only counter system that gives you all the décor and layout flexibility of custom counters, but with shorter lead times, fewer drawing reviews, a better fit and finish, and easier on-site installation.


Whether you're creating curving counters, elegant islands, or simple runs, Contoura makes them all equally simple to design, build and install. This pre-engineered standard framework removes the need for time-consuming shop drawings and eliminates the majority of on-site surprises, while still delivering a better fit and finish.

You get all this and the ability to design a counter that looks totally custom. Simply put: Anything custom can do, Contoura can do — only better.

Choose your finishes just like you would with traditional custom fabrication. Wood, laminate, tile — the choice is yours. You'll get a better fit and finish with cleaner edges.


  • Create any shape counter you want, including curves, simple straight runs, and even elegant serpentine layouts. With Contoura, curves come as easy as right angles and are as cost-effective.
  • You specify exact height, width, depth or radius. You are not confined to preset sizes or dimensions.
  • Integrate corner transition units to tie seamlessly into the look of the counter with multiple storage options.
  • Add storage shelves, plate shelves, doors and drawers.
  • Choose finishes and materials just like you would with custom counters — except with Contoura, you'll get a more precise fit, cleaner edges and straighter lines.
  • Choose counter tops of granite, solid surface, laminate, stainless steel and more.
  • Easily update your look tomorrow or next year. Since the décor is separate from the structure you can renovate, redecorate or even repair with ease.